About The Author  
Rafal Marcin Doboszynski was born in December 28th 1970 in Lodz/Poland, where he graduated from high school and took up studies at the University of Technology. While studying at Uni. he worked as a designer in architectural office at Inwestprojekt-Zachod.

During those years he was also, a member and a lead guitarist of heavy metal band Dyctator, those musical interests he cherish to this day. In January 1995 he permanently migrated and settled in Sydney Australia, where works in Information Technology industry.

Values implanted by his parents at an early age turned into a serious interest in history, especially the history of the Doboszynski family. This site was created for family members to have access to information about their relatives, to help to establish family ties and connect the various branches of the family in one big tree. Information on this site is based on member’s verbal relays, personal documents, documents collected in the archives of various countries, publications of books, scientific articles and current affairs. His main intention is to provide all interested family members with the information about Doboszynski family past and present.
1977-1985 | Primary School “Bohaterskich Lotnikow Polskich nr 44”, Lodz/Poland
1985-1987 | Power Engineering and Installation College – (Building Constructions and Sanitary Installations) , Lodz/Poland
1988-1991 | Secondary Technical College – (Sanitary Facilities) , Lodz/Poland
1992-1995 | University of Technology – (Construction Engineering) , Lodz/Poland
2011 | Macquarie Business Training Centre – (Business Management), Sydney/Australia
1992-1995 | Inwest-Projekt Zachod, Lodz/Poland, Civil Engineer Lic.256/94/WL Design and documentation of sanitary systems including water supply, drainage, fire protection, sewage, central heating and gas systems on urban complexes and major building developments.
1995-2007 | IT Consultant (Self employed) working with major corporations, Department of Justice, HSBC Bank, Integral Energy, Easy Being Green, MBF Australia, Telstra.
2007-Now | City of Ryde - Government Administration , Enterprise Application and Data Coordinator.
Family History and Genealogy.
Computer Science.
Camping, Bushwalking Trips, Target Shooting and Recreational Hunting.